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World Record Plans

Longest Distance in an Hour:

World Record: 29.99 km (18.63 mi)

Personal Record (Unofficial WR): 30.61 km (19.13 mi)


Longest Continuous Ride:

World Record: 168.9 km (105.6 mi)

Personal Record (Unofficial WR): 172.2 km (107.6 mi)


Longest Distance in 24 Hours:

World Record: 450 km (281 mi)

Personal Record: 240 km (150 mi)

**This is my longest ride to date, but I have not yet attempted riding in a 24-hour period.


Longest Trip on a Unicycle:

World Record: 14,602 km  (9,126 mi)

My Current Record: 1,730 km (1080 mi)
My plan is to break this record starting this summer(2013).  I plan on riding to South America via Central America, at least reaching the southernmost tip (about 14,000 miles).  Ideally, I will circle back up the other side of SA and will have ridden through every single country (about 20,000 miles).


Future plans

Longest distance unicycling underwater on a single breath hold .

World Record: None - I hope to set one!

Largest diameter unicycle ridden successfully.  I hope to custom design a unicycle with a wheel diameter of about 3-5 meters (10-15 ft).  This will be ridden like a tall unicycle, with the seat and pedal set about the top of the wheel, driving the unicycle with a chain.

Until planned departure date for South America!


I’ve been unicycling since about June, 1999.

I am currently training to break multiple Guinness World Records for unicycling.  I have already broken one unofficially (see right).  The most important one is “The Longest Trip on a Unicycle,” which was set at 14,602 km (9,126 mi) in 2002 by Lars Clausen.  Supported by his wife, kids, and cyclist friend Robert, he made a double-crossing of the United States, crossing through all 50 states (Check out his site and the book he wrote about the trip: www.OneWheel.org ).  In a similar manner, I hope to ride up to Toronto, Canada, down through the U.S., Central America, and down the western coast of South America to its southernmost point.  Ideally, I will then circle up through the central and eastern areas of the continent and end in Venezuela, having taken in all 23 continental countries in the western hemisphere.  This trip will require about 36,000 - 37,000 km (22,000 - 23,000 mi) of riding on pavement and trail, including several thousand kilometers of accumulated elevation change.  I hope to begin riding next Spring (2013), and end in the next Summer (2014).

The trip will be in support of two causes: Sustainability and Children’s Art Education.  A majority of all donated proceeds will go directly to selected charities.  Click on the “Charity” tab for more information.

This year, I’ve designed fenders, panniers, and a custom stem modification for my 36 inch unicycle, Luna (above left).  I’ve ridden over 5,000 km (3,125 mi) in nine states since the beginning of last year (2012), part of which was done with loaded panniers.

Unicycling the World


UniTour Baltimore-St.Louis December 2012

*Completed successfully

This past December (2012), I unicycled from Baltimore, MD to St. Louis, MO.  Essentially I was going home for the holidays, but taking the challenging route. I ended up raising money, though: $715, most of which will go to charity. Thanks to all my supporters! The target distance was 1650 km (1030 mi), but even with 60 miles total of rides from 3 different people, the wrong turns and detours made the total riding distance 1730 km (1080 mi). Target time was 13 days, with 2 days rest - but I rested 3 extra days, and rode an extra day, so total was 17 days, with 5 days rest.

After the 123 mile ride to Indy 2 days ago, I did 117 miles to central Illinois, got a ride to a family friend's house, then did 116 miles today. That's 3 consecutive days of century+ rides (over 100 miles) - or 4 states in 3 days. Total number of rides near 100 or over: 7

So the cities and mileage were as follows:


-Frederick, MD-(+4 Car)75

-Hancock, MD-75

-Meyersdale, PA-120

-Pittsburgh, PA -2 Rest Days---105

-South Wheeling, WV-63

-Parkersburg, WV-(+15 Car)28

-Athens, OH-2 Rest Days---100

-Columbus, OH-98

-Dayton, OH-1 Rest Day---124

-Indianapolis, IN-117-Casey, IL(+41 car)

-Altamont, IL-116---St. Louis, MO

More pictures and videos below!